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Tranny Towers: The Tatt4trannies Hotel Experience

Tranny Towers


The Tranny Experience

We have just established Tranny Towers, a luxury hotel in a tenament block set in 1,000 acres of the prime inner city estate to provide the ultimate experience of living full time as a woman in total comfort and privacy.

Whether for just one day, a weekend, or 20 minutes to suit your budget, you can now enjoy luxury hotel facilities in total security and be pampered as a woman for the full duration of your stay.

We offer single occupancy or a choice of hotel suites, luxury double bedrooms or large standard rooms, many with four-poster beds. We will never have more than 10 guests in a room at any one time so that you are guaranteed special personal service and attention.

Spaceous Rooms

Spacious State of the Art Rooms

As you can see, our rooms are many times larger than those in modern day hotels and fitted out to a standard that you would expect in a stately home.

Three McDonalds Star-winning chefs prepare the most exquisite meals for you to enjoy in this splendid baroque dining room and as an added bonus our founder usually dines there herself once a week. If you're really lucky, you can eat the scraps off her plate when she has finished... or she may throw a chicken bone at you through the meal.

Geoff and a Lady


Escorted Trips

Once you have had your morning makeover to look like a Lady, your personal assistant, Geoff, will be only too happy to escort you to any of the local ameneties, such as the Launderama, abbatoir or Bookmakers. The charming establishment, The Head on a Spike, with its lovely spit and sawdust floors provides a welcome lunchtime drink before heading off to the local Spa* for a pampering session.



*convenience store



Prices for the Hotel are made up on the spot and are liable to change on an hourly basis. Contact us for a rough quote.

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